The Highest Rated Strippers Around The Globe

39,670 / 29/09/2017 / 90,945

Why do men visit titty bars? Mostly to relax and forget their all troubles. Some of them love watching sexy moves, the others go into raptures when girls start taking off all those extra outfits. The more expensive is the bar – the better dancers perform there.


5 Reasons To Break Up With Her Today

55,100 / 3/10/2017 / 94,500

How much time do you need to realize you have chosen the wrong person? Some men manage to see who is who and get rid of an unwanted relationship. The others date for months or years hoping to finally build up their ideal love story with someone who doesn’t fit it at all.


The Most Dangerous Cults In Modern History

8,311 / 14/10/2017 / 17,302

What is a religion? I don’t mean all those ceremonies or ‘business practices’. Let’s be honest, religion – is nothing but a method for controlling people. It started when there was a huge crowd of humans who had no laws or any other system of total control. The rulers needed a smart and cheap way to keep them from crimes or laddish lifestyle.


5 Horror Movies That Can Cause Mental Breakdown

94,00 / 22/09/2017 / 23,427

Love horror films? Stupid people wondering around haunted places, a guy with a chainsaw who will definitely smash anyone he can find into pieces and rivers of blood – this is what we typically see in films like that. Let us be honest – any of these scenes can hardly scare anyone. They seem more disgusting than scary.


The Creepiest Games No One Takes Risks To Play At Night

27,691 / 10/10/2017 / 45,193

When it comes to video games, it seems like there is nothing to be afraid. I mean, we all know why we turn on the PC and click that icon. We also know how to turn it all off and leave the game whenever we want it. What can be scary in it?