Want A Smartphone You Can Easily Hide?

33,293 / 08/11/2017 / 71,347

Are you ready, world? Millions of people hold their breaths waiting for Vivo to finally launch its latest innovation. For the past few months, we all ever too much concerned over new iPhone 8 that could have missed this tremendous news. Chinese smartphone manufacturer Vivo teases customers with an absolutely transparent gadget.


iPhone 8 – What To Expect On September, 12?

11,131 / 10/09/2017 / 33,497

iPhone is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2017. To this date, Apple decided to please all fans with a new model of the most popular smartphone on Earth. Millions of users have been saving cash for over a year to rush to the nearest Apple store, spend hours in queue and grab the precious new model.


Drones Delivery Can Save Lives

23,839 / 25/10/2017 / 3,487

5 years ago we could only dream of at least seeing a drone flying over our heads. Today, every second house has its own quadracopter or at least thinking of getting one. Huge companies went even further – they made drones work for them.
These cool flying gadgets do not demand huge energy consumption and are absolutely safe for use.


Poor Eyesight? No Worries, 1 Item Can Fix It

60,131 / 8/11/2017 / 18,857

Remember the Terminator movie? The moment when he broke into the local bar scanning all men around for clothes and a motorbike? This episode made so many fans dream of a secret microchip in an eye that would help them deal with this world.


The 5 Most Mind-Blowing Jetpacks

7,834 / 25/10/2017 / 54,336

Nothing matches the thrill of flight! Humans have already conquered the reign of birds. Aircrafts? Helicopters? Can there be a new game changer for aviation?
After decades of elaborate research taking into advantage the most advanced technology available, aviation geniuses invented devices that allow a completely new experience. Flying without “armor.” Flying like a bird using a jetpack!


The Best Thing Snapchat Could Do For Us

23,539 / 7/11/2017 / 7,238

Looking for new shades? Popular brands create tons of such glasses yearly, but we offer you to check out the only pare that can make you a real superhero – a master of Snapchat.
Recently this popular network made a shocking and incredible present to its users – Spectacles. These shiny and stylish shades are much more interesting than it might seem from the first look. They have an inbuilt camera that can capture 10-seconds video from the first person perspective.


Sex Dolls High Tech Alternative To Real Girlfriends

56,821 / 24/09/2017 / 1,83,487

Do you remember your first time? That awkward feeling of taking off your clothes in front of another person, that chilling fear of failing the performance and being laughed at? Everyone had to pass through it with the only thought – what if there was an option of practicing before getting a real chick into their bed.


World’s Deadliest Weapon All Armies Dream About

15,341 / 2/11/2017 / 71,239

What do we know about a weapon? Not much, considering the facts that there are a few wars on and scientists keep working on innovative technologies that would make enemies brick only after a single look at it. However, only rare inventions reach their aim of being in the inventory for some army forces.


Top 5 Expensive Smartphones Ever Sold

39,238 / 10/11/2017 / 11,445

Would you take a risk to walk down the streets with half a million in your hand? There are serious doubts about it. But some people gladly do it every day. And they are not wondering around with cash in both hands, no! The rich tend to spend too much money on luxurious accessories that demonstrate their status.


This Laser Engraver Can Fit In Your Backpack

5,189 / 02/10/2017 / 24,184

Ever thought of creating your own logo? A tiny image to apply to all items that belong to you? Just a nice way to mark that stuff friends prefer to borrow and never bring back again. On the other hand, how about designing your own accessories?